CREST’s programs and research are designed to actively address four key threats to securing a sustainable future. 

Responding to the Climate Crisis

The growing threat of climate change makes responsible travel more important than ever, especially as we responsibly recover from this global pandemic.

Conserving Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage

Biodiversity and cultural heritage throughout the world are at risk due to extractive industries and short-sighted tourism models. Responsible tourism can play a critical role in conservation, protecting plant and animal life, and supporting communities to preserve their cultures, traditions, and livelihoods.

Addressing Overtourism

A strain on local environments, resources, and cultures, overtourism pre-COVID was a burden on communities around the world. A responsible recovery requires innovative tools and strategies to avoid the pitfalls of overtourism and put the focus on the quality of visitation, not the quantity of visitors.

Narrowing the Wealth Gap

As tourism rebuilds, we need to ensure that it is done so in a just, equitable, and responsible way by promoting fairer income distribution, maximizing local economic benefits through tourism, and advocating for workers.