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July 3, 2023 | ¡A “huemulizarnos”!: Workshop en Natales busca la protección del huemul y su hábitat | El Magallenico

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March 31, 2023 | No free parking or hot tub ragers: Tourist destinations tighten their rules | NBC News

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March 4, 2023 | Duke Blue Economy Summit

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March 15, 2022 | Global Vision Awards 2022: How We Chose the Panel and Honorees | Travel & Leisure

February 2, 2022 | Arlington County Transportation Partners 8th Annual Champions Banquet | Keynote Speech: Traveling Toward a More Sustainable Future

January 12, 2022 | Women in Travel webinar

January 5, 2022 | Kind Traveler Launches Revamped Booking Platform Model | Travel Pulse

January 5, 2022 | Socially Conscious Hotel Booking Platform Launches 2.0 Model | Hospitality Technology

December 7, 2021: Indagare Gift Guide 2021” Melissa Biggs Bradley, CREST Board member, and CEO and Founder of Indagare Travel, shares her holiday gift ideas for responsible travelers and mentions donating to CREST as one option.

December 2, 2021:Beyond definition: the essence of community-based tourism” Elisa Spampinato provides a close-up look at community-based tourism, a diverse and invisible universe that can change the tourism industry and the way we understand its relationship to sustainability.

November 22, 2021:6 habits of highly-effective climate conscious travelers” Joseph Winters discusses ‘6 habits of highly-effective climate conscious travelers.’ He highlights how travelers can make climate-friendly decisions when traveling by borrowing a leaf from CREST’s Executive Director Dr. Gregory Miller’s discussion on how travelers can use the NERD criteria to choose flights that are “at least a little less bad for the environment.”

November 10, 2021: Indagare Impact Panel

October 28, 2021: Combating overtourism: Destinations switch from marketing to management” Joanna Tovia discusses how forward thinking destinations are using a mix of storytelling, community engagement, tighter regulations, and education (one size does not fit all), to entice environmentally mindful travelers who respect the people and culture of a place.

September 30, 2021: WeTravel Webinar: Combating Climate Change As A Tourism Company

September 30, 2021:The Best New Services for Planning a Trip in 2022” Bonnie Culberston discusses tools shared by experts that travelers will need in 2022 in the effort to align with the actions established during the annual UN Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 convene in Glasgow, Scotland.

September 15, 2021: Podcast: Overtourism: what can we do? with Dr Martha Honey and Kelsey Frenkiel

August 30, 2021: Regenerative Tourism: The new buzzword in the world of tourism” Poonam Malhotra writes about regenerative tourism as the next step up from “sustainable tourism”, which aims to restore then regenerate for the sake of ecological balance.

August 29, 2021: 10 Responsible Travel Books to Fuel Your Eco-Wanderlust” Kind Traveler discusses books that address common obstacles to sustainable travel while providing tangible approaches to counteracting environmental threats. CREST’s latest book, Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future, is mentioned.

August 12, 2021: Who Needs a Whirlwind Trip When You Can Take It Slow?” The New York Times discusses the slow travel movement. The article includes quotes by Martha Honey and mentions Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future.

July 23, 2021: Traveling, Not Trampling: Travel Books 2021” Publishers Weekly presents a roundup of books on sustainable travel that includes CREST’s Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future.

June 30, 2021: TourRadar Joins Sustainability Coalition, Launches Sustainability Tools” Travel Pulse discusses TourRadar joining the Future of Tourism Coalition of which CREST is a founding member.

June 22, 2021: “Regenerative Travel: What It Is and How It’s Outperforming Sustainable Tourism” Treehugger presents the concept of regenerative travel and how it can benefit the environment and local communities. The work of the Future of Travel Coalition is discussed and quotes by Gregory Miller are included.

May 2021: “What We Can Learn From Kyoto’s Plan to Combat Overtourism.” Here Magazine presents CREST’s book Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future with quotes from Program Manager Kelsey Frenkiel.

May 27, 2021: “Overtourism and Climate Change Walk Into a Bar…” Travel Weekly presents key points from CREST’s book Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future.

May 17, 2021: “4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Thrive in the Changing Post-Pandemic Business Landscape.” Business Insider mentions CREST as an example of an organization turning typical tourist excursions into opportunities for environmental restoration, presenting the Belize and Michigan projects.

May 13, 2021: “Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future?” presents key points from CREST’s book Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future.

May 9, 2021: “How to Navigate the Post-Covid Landscape.” SFGate mentions CREST as an example of an organization turning typical tourist excursions into opportunities for environmental restoration, presenting the Belize and Michigan projects.

April 30, 2021: “What is Voluntourism? Does it help or harm communities?” Treehugger evaluates the concept of voluntourism and presents information from CREST’s 2019 Trends and Statistics Report.

April 22, 2021: “How to Travel More Sustainably.” The New York Times features experts’ advice on traveling more sustainably. Gregory Miller is quoted and CREST’s responsible travel tips are linked.

April 22, 2021: “What Biden’s New Climate Commitments Mean for Travel.” AFAR discusses President Biden’s climate commitment and the implications for the travel industry. CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller is quoted and the work of the Future of Tourism Coalition is presented.

April 17, 2021: “How to Be a More Responsible Tourist: a Traveler’s Guide to Ethical Tourism.” Practical Wanderlust provides advice on how to be a responsible tourist and quotes CREST for the definition of responsible travel.

April 6, 2021: “7 Myths about Sustainable Travel You Should Stop Believing.” Trip Advisor features CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller to demystify myths about sustainable travel.

April 5, 2021: How To Be a Responsible Traveler: The 6 Most Impactful Decisions You Can Make.” Online Travel News presents 6 ways to be a responsible traveler. CREST Executive Director, Gregory Miller is quoted on how to be a responsible traveler when buying and giving.

March 18, 2021:Global Vision Awards 2021: How We Chose the Panel and Honorees.” Travel  & Leisure discusses their Global Vision Awards panelists, which includes CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller.

March 16, 2021:Best of Green Awards 2021: Sustainable Travel.” Treehugger announces its Best of Green Awards for Sustainable Travel. CREST was named one of the Best Organizations alongside two of our partners, Sustainable Travel International and Travel Unity.

March 16, 2021: Soul of Travel: Episode 32 – Samantha Bray”

March 3, 2021:Sustainable travel statistics: 6 facts to open your mind.” This article by The Hospitality Net discusses statistics around sustainable travel, including the Future of Tourism Coalition’s 13 Guiding Principles.

March 3, 2021:Why the business of all-inclusive resorts will never be the same.” This Skift article, written by Lebawit Lily Goma, discusses how all-inclusive resorts are adapting to be more sustainable post-COVID, especially as travelers demand it. CREST Director Emeritus Martha Honey is quoted.

March 2, 2021:Cilmate change, COVID-19, and the need for systemic change.” This Good Tourism blog post describes the Arizona State University Center for Sustainable Tourism and CREST joint report, which provides a synthesis of the Wordl Tourism Day Forum event through the lens of the Future of Tourism’s 13 Guiding Principles. It was written by ASU graduate student Tanner Knorr, who also helped produce the report.

January 26, 2021:Biden has a lot on his plate. These people hope Cuba policy is among them.” This overview of the second US-Cuba travel webinar, co-sponsored by CREST, was summarized by Gay Nagle Myers for Travel Weekly.

January 13, 2021:Worldwise: Responsible Travel Expert Samantha Bray’s Favorite Things.” Jake Emen writes a profile of Managing Director Samantha Bray for Barron’s. In this interview, she discusses her passion for sustainable travel and what inspires her.

January 4, 2021: The Essential Travel Forecast Report (Part 4).” This article, written by Angelina Villa-Clarke for Forbes, discusses regenerative travel, mentioning both CREST and the Future of Tourism Coalition.

January 1, 2021:Why Regenerative travel will be how the world sees travel post-pandemic.” This blog post was written for, an online travel blog. It provides an overview of regenerative travel with quotes from Managing Director Samantha Bray.

December 29, 2020:Specialists talk about the future of Cuba travel.” This article was written by Gay Nagle Myers for Travel Weekly and it provides an overview of the US-Cuba Future of Travel webinar CREST co-sponsored.

October 24, 2020: “Going places: Future of travel being reshaped by COVID, Climate Change: Less is more.” This article by Karen Rubin was published in The IslandNow and features details about CREST’s Case for Responsible Travel: Trends and Statistics 2020. 

October 19, 2020: “Organization Aims to End Trophy Hunts by Buying Up Guide-Outfitter Rights.” This article by Amanda Follett Hosgood was published in The Tyee and features details about CREST’s report Economic Impact of Bear Viewing and Bear Hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Colombia. 

October 19, 2020: “Regenerative Tourism: Beyond Sustainable Tourism.” This article was published in Travel Weekly and features details about the Future of Tourism Coalition.  

October 19, 2020: “CREST Webinar Tackles the Intersection of COVID-19 and Sustainability.”  This article by Valerie Chen was published in TravelAge West and features details about CREST’s World Tourism Day Webinar, highlighting  the need for tourism industry leaders to shift toward lasting sustainability. 

October 19, 2020“Going places: Tourism industry looks to government, voters to address twin crises of climate change & coronavirus to help rebuild sustainably.” Published in The Island Now, this article features CREST’s work to transform the way the world travels in the midst of two existential threats: COVID-19 and climate change.

October 17, 2020: “Skal International presents the 2020 Sustainable Tourism Awards during its Annual General Assembly.” In this article, CREST Program Manager Ellen Rugh is highlighted for her role as a judge for the Skal International Awards for 2020.

October 1, 2020: A virtual shuck off, artists on Cape Ann, and planting trees to offset flights.” This article by Necee Regis, published in the Boston Globe, highlights CREST’s work to increase the positive global impact of responsible tourism and shares important details about the release of the 2020 Impact Tourism Handbook. 

September 25, 2020: Regenerative Travel: Begin Enriching Ecosystems While You Travel.” Published in The Dope News, a new media platform based in India, this article dives into the topic of regenerative travel and the importance of shifting the tourism industry’s focus to the environment and preserving ecosystems. CREST’s work is highlighted, and Executive Director Gregory Miller is quoted about the grave threat of climate change and the need of the travel industry to shift to more sustainable practices. 

September 25, 2020: Which Is Worse for the Environment: Driving or Flying?” This Reader’s Digest piece examines the environmental impacts of driving versus flying. Samantha Bray, Managing Director of CREST, is quoted about the various ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint when traveling, both by plane and by car. 

September 15, 2020: The A-Z of Truly Greener Getaways, From Packing to Planning.” In this Telegraph article, author Juliet Kinsman shares important tips to having an eco-friendly vacation. She specifically cites the Future of Tourism Coalition, of which CREST is a founding member, and its work to promote best practices to support tourism in mitigating against climate change and biodiversity.

September 3, 2020: Center for Responsible Travel Takes World Tourism Day Forum Virtual.” Travel Pluse announces CREST’s 2020 World Tourism Day Event, offering key research on COVID-19 and climate change.

September 2020: CREST: Paving the Way for Eco Tourism.” This post from Beau Monde Traveler takes a deep dive into CREST’s mission to make tourism a force for good, citing several of CREST’s important projects around the world and highlighting our vision to “transform the way the world travels.”

July 8, 2020: “Essential Guide to Responsible & Ethical Travel.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller is quoted in this piece from Verge Magazine about the importance of approaching sustainable travel holistically.

June 18, 2020: “The End of Tourism?” CREST Board of Directors member Melissa Biggs Bradley discusses the impact of COVID-19 on communities that rely on tourism.

June 16, 2020: “Future of Tourism Coalition Formed.” This Travel Weekly article covers the launch of the Future of Tourism Coalition, which includes CREST, the Destination Stewardship Center, Green Destinations, Sustainable Travel International, Tourism Cares, and The Travel Foundation, with the guidance of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The Coalition’s mission has also been covered by AFAR, TravelPulse, TTG Media, Travel Weekly UK, TravelAge West, Travindy, and more.

June 1, 2020: “As Hotels Reopen, Heightened Cleanliness Standards Are Top of Mind.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller is quoted in this Departures Magazine article about hotels re-opening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 13, 2020: “How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change the Way We Travel.” We all have the opportunity to make more responsible choices when travel returns. This thought-provoking article from Architectural Digest considers how tourism will change and features insights from CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller and Board Member Melissa Biggs Bradley.

May 6, 2020: “The Future of Travel.” This interactive piece from The New York Times answers 14 important questions about how the travel industry will change post-COVID-19 and shares insights from industry experts, including CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller.

April 20, 2020: “Even Though We Aren’t Traveling, We Can Still Support Sustainable Tourism.” Wondering what you can do to support sustainable tourism? In this op-ed published by AFAR, CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller shares tangible ways we can all prepare ourselves to make a positive difference on future trips.

March 24, 2020: “Sustainable Travel Isn’t Just About Plastic.” This article from Jesse Ashlock, U.S. Editor of Condé Nast Traveler, features commentary from CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller about the need to take a holistic approach to sustainability.

March 18, 2020: “Global Vision Awards 2020: How We Chose the Panel and Honorees.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller served on the panel of judges for Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Awards, which aim to identify and honor companies, individuals, destinations, and organizations taking strides to develop more sustainable and responsible travel products, practices, and experiences.

February 20, 2020: “Is Your ‘Eco-Lodge’ Really Eco-Friendly?” This article from Outside magazine features CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller’s insights on what to look for when picking an eco-friendly lodge, resort, or hotel.

February 6, 2020: “How to Take an Eco-Friendly Trip to the Maldives.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller spoke with AFAR for this article on how travelers can be part of the solution when it comes to addressing climate change in the Maldives.

February 6, 2020: “How Luxury Hotels Are Keeping Up With Green-Friendly Family Travel Trends.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller shares that Gen Z is increasingly influencing multigenerational travel decisions in this article from Skift.

February 1, 2020: “Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Green.” Blue and Green Tomorrow cites CREST’s research in this article about how to make responsible choices when staying in a vacation rental.

January 30, 2020: “20 Eco-Friendly Hotels To Visit Around The World.” This article from Refinery29 showcases the pioneering sustainability practices of 20 CREST Platinum Sponsor hotels.

January 27, 2020: “Ecotourism and Future Travel Trends.” What does the future of travel look like? In this podcast episode from Expedia, CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller discusses the growing demand for sustainable vacations and shares his own experiences as a responsible traveler.

January 23, 2020: “Can Luxury Hospitality Play a Key Role in Land Conservation?” In this feature from Skift, CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller shares that what’s good for the environment is also good for luxury hospitality.

January 21, 2020: “Top 10 Tips From CREST.” The Howorths blog showcases ten responsible travel recommendations from CREST that focus on how to avoid contributing to overtourism.

January 16, 2020: “You Want to be a Responsible Tourist. But What Does That Even Mean?” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller talks about tangible ways to travel responsibly in this Washington Post article that explores the choices we make as travelers.

January 7, 2020: “These Are 2020’s Top Travel Trends: ‘Microcations,’ Carbon Offsetting, and More.” CREST Board of Directors member Melissa Biggs Bradley shares her insights on key responsible travel trends in 2020 in this National Geographic story.

January 7, 2020: “How to Take a Family Sabbatical.” In this article from Worth magazine, CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller provides recommendations for planning extended family vacations that minimize environmental impacts and maximize benefits for local communities and travelers.

December 1, 2019: “How to Travel Without Destroying the Planet.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller shares sustainable travel advice in this article from CNN on how to minimize the environmental impacts of travel.

November 23, 2019: “Dirty Planet but a Clean Conscience? The Truth About Airplane Carbon Offsetting.” In this CNN article, CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller shares concrete tips on how to reduce your environmental impact when booking your next flight.

November 18, 2019: “Responsible Tourism Trends – A Q&A with Jessica Blotter of Kind Traveler.” Jessica Blotter, Co-Founder and CEO of Kind Traveler, recommends CREST as a resource for the travel industry in this featured Q&A with Noble Studios.

November 15, 2019: “Sipping Sustainability in California Wine Country.” This article from Blue Swan Daily highlights CREST’s 2019 Trends & Statistics report and the pioneering work of Kind Traveler, which created an impact tourism partnership with Sonoma County Tourism.

November 9, 2019: “Cuba: Go or No? The Answer is More Complicated Than You Might Think.” This Los Angeles Times article on travel to Cuba cites CREST’s research on American visitors to the island.

November 7, 2019: “Cuba’s Shift From Sustainability Laggard to Climate Leader.” CREST Director of Communications Rebekah Stewart spoke on a panel on climate change and Cuba’s ecological future during the “Cuba at 60” conference at Dalhousie University. This article from Dalhousie shares takeaways from the panel, which included CREST, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Vermont Caribbean Institute, and university experts.

November 4, 2019: “Bowman’s Travel Brief: Escaping or Chasing the Cold Weather?” Bowman’s Travel Brief, a weekly TravelPulse feature, includes a spotlight on CREST’s 2019 Trends & Statistics report.

November 4, 2019: “Making the Case for Responsible Travel.” The International Travel & Health Insurance Journal highlights CREST’s 2019 Trends & Statistics report, which provides concrete and cutting-edge examples of how destinations, companies, and travelers can be part of the solution during these challenging times for our planet and its people.

November 1, 2019: “New Report Says Travel Industry Must Come Together Now to Protect the Planet.” TravelPulse shares key findings from CREST’s new study, The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends & Statistics 2019.

October 29, 2019: “Tour Operators React to Latest Cuba Travel Crackdown.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller and Director of Communications Rebekah Stewart respond to the Trump administration’s decision to end flights between the United States and all Cuban destinations other than Havana in an article from TravelPulse.

October 24, 2019: “Can Tourism ‘Pledges’ Help Keep Visitors on Their Best Behavior?” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller discusses how tourism pledges can educate travelers and encourage them to behave responsibly in this Washington Post story.

October 8, 2019: “Tourism Leaders Talk Voluntourism and Sustainability.” Travel Weekly shares insights and takeaways from CREST’s 2019 World Tourism Day Forum, “Impact Tourism: Giving Time, Talent, & Treasure.”

September 26, 2019: “Sustainable Travel: Four Smart Ways to Make a Positive Impact.” CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray shares key tips on how to travel responsibly in this article from The Irish Times.

September 19, 2019: “A Day in Vinales Reveals Rustic Cuba.” Travel Weekly‘s Gay Nagle Myers explored Viñales, Cuba on a CREST-organized trip to the island. She discusses the importance of home restaurants and casas particulares (private home-based bed and breakfasts) for the people of Viñales in this article.

September 18, 2019: “Sustainability is Key at the World Tourism Day Forum.” This post on the World Wildlife Fund’s Sustainability Works blog highlights our core environmental and social impact strategies for the 2019 World Tourism Day Forum.

September 15, 2019: “Reassessing The Role Of Cruise Tourism.” David Jessop of the Caribbean Council discusses the findings and recommendations in CREST’s latest book, Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean: Selling Sunshine.

September 5, 2019: “Prince Harry’s Green Travel Initiative: Here’s What We Know.” CREST Executive Director Gregory Miller spoke with the Washington Post about Travalyst, Prince Harry’s new sustainable travel partnership, calling upon the initiative to establish goals that are concrete, measurable, and science-based.

September 3, 2019: “Industry to Gather on World Tourism Day to Discuss Best Practices for Responsible, Sustainable Travel.” This post from Moral Compass Travel shares the details of CREST’s 2019 World Tourism Day Forum, Impact Tourism: Giving Time, Talent, & Treasure.

August 29, 2019: “Cooler, Farther and Less Crowded: The Rise of ‘Undertourism.'” In this story from The New York Times, CREST’s Samantha Bray discusses how travelers can make a positive impact and avoid contributing to overtourism.

August 20, 2019: “Three Ways to Promote Responsible Tourism.” Marketing can play an important role in educating travelers about environmentally and socially conscious tourism. This piece from Noble Studios cites CREST as a responsible travel resource.

August 16, 2019: “Is the Cruise Industry Responsible for Overtourism?” In this piece from CNN, CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray speaks about the critical need for the cruise industry to implement sustainability practices and partner with destination communities to address overtourism.

August 13, 2019: “New Orleans Passes Restrictions on Short Term Housing Rentals.” CREST Director Emeritus Martha Honey speaks with Smart Cities Dive about the importance of regulating short term housing rentals to avoid contributing to overtourism.

August 13, 2019: “Taking the Pulse of Demand for Cuba Travel.” This Travel Weekly article shares insights on the demand for travel to Cuba coming out of a CREST-organized trip to the island.

August 1, 2019: “Gregory A. Miller Named Executive Director.” Hospitality Net announces the appointment of Gregory A. Miller as CREST’s new Executive Director.

July 30, 2019: “Can U.S. Cities Get Smart about Tourism Before It’s Too Late?” CREST’s Martha Honey discusses the importance of redefining how U.S. cities measure tourism success in this story from Smart Cities Dive.

July 29, 2019: “A Visit to Cuba Reveals Economic Pain of Trump’s Travel Ban.” On a CREST-organized trip to Cuba, Travel Weekly journalist Gay Nagle Myers spoke with small business owners, tour guides, and artisans about the impact of U.S. travel policies on their lives.

July 17, 2019: “Impact Tourism: Giving Time, Talent, and Treasure.” This CREST-authored post was featured on NEPCon’s Travel Feed on TripAdvisor. It gives an in-depth look at the concept of impact tourism and explores how this form of development assistance is making a difference in destination communities around the world.

July 16, 2019: “Tourists Swarmed a Californa Ranch Famed for its Daffodils. Now it’s Closing ‘Indefinitely.'” California’s Daffodil Hill is the latest tourist attraction to close due to overtourism. In this Washington Post story, CREST’s Martha Honey highlights the need for proactive measures to prevent overtourism.

July 14, 2019: “Too Much Tourism Threatens Conservation of Heritage Sites.” This article from Prensa Latina features insights from CREST’s Martha Honey about overtourism and emerging solutions to address this global problem.

July 9, 2019: “Leave the World a Better Place.” CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray spoke with The Boston Globe about the benefits of sustainable travel and how it enriches travelers’ experiences.

July 3, 2019: “Too Much Traveling.” CREST’s Martha Honey joins Kansas City, Missouri public radio to share insights on addressing overtourism and being a responsible traveler.

July 2, 2019: “What Does Responsible Tourism Look Like?” CREST’s Martha Honey spoke with WNYC’s The Takeaway about how travelers and companies can make a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

June 25, 2019: “Chernobyl and the Dangerous Ground of ‘Dark Tourism.'” CREST Communications & Outreach Manager Rebekah Stewart highlights the importance of being a respectful and intentional traveler in this piece from CNN on the phenomenon known as “dark tourism.”

June 19, 2019: “How to Be a Better Tourist.” In this story from BBC, CREST’s Martha Honey and Samantha Bray discuss the global problem of overtourism and share tips for travelers.

June 17, 2019: “We’re in the Age of the Overtourist. You Can Avoid Being One of Them.” CREST Executive Director Martha Honey shared her insights with the Washington Post on how to travel responsibly in the age of overtourism.

June 16, 2019: “From Amsterdam to Venice, the Impact of Too Many Tourists Sparks Outrage and Action.” CNBC features CREST’s recommendations on how to avoid contributing to overtourism.

June 13, 2019: “Vacationing Green.” CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray provides recommendations on traveling responsibly for this piece from Sacramento News & Review.

June 7, 2019: “Don’t Tell Me Where I Can Vacation, OK, Mr. President?” This opinion piece from The Boston Globe features CREST’s response to the newly-imposed restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba.

June 4, 2019: “New Cuba Travel Restrictions Imposed by Trump Administration.” CREST Executive Director Martha Honey expresses concern about the new restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba in this article from TravelPulse. CREST’s response to the elimination of the people-to-people travel category was also featured in Cigar Aficionado, Prensa Latina, and eTurboNews.

May 29, 2019: “Tourism Inspired by Justin Bieber and ‘Game of Thrones’ Worries Environmentalists.” Popular TV shows, movies, and music videos have contributed to overtourism in destinations around the world. In this article from NBC, CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray discusses this phenomenon and highlights the need for destinations to take action and set limits.

May 23, 2019: “Instagram Ruined Travel. A New Generation of Influencers is Trying to Fix It.” CREST Communications & Outreach Manager Rebekah Stewart remarks on the growing consumer demand for responsible travel in this article from Refinery 29.

May 9, 2019: “Trump Administration Cuba Restrictions May Scuttle Cruise Ship Calls.” CREST Executive Director Martha Honey speaks about the importance of people-to-people travel to Cuba in this Travel Pulse article about how recently-announced Trump administration restrictions could impact cruises and group travel to the island.

April 26, 2019: “Oportunidad de intercambio científico.” CREST Executive Director Martha Honey discusses CREST’s projects in Cuba in this article about the University of Holguín’s April 2019 International Scientific Conference. CREST partnered with the University of Holguín to host the conference’s International Tourism Management Workshop (GESTUR).

April 22, 2019: “An A to Z Guide to Not Killing the Planet When You Travel.” CREST Managing Director Samantha Bray shares her insights on how to be an eco-friendly traveler in this Earth Day guide from Condé Nast Traveler.

April 17, 2019: “Travel Industry Reacts to President Trump’s New Crackdown on Cuba.” CREST was deeply saddened by the April 17 announcement of restrictions on U.S. travel and remittances to Cuba. Our Martha Honey shared her thoughts from Havana in this TravelPulse article.

March 28, 2019: “Cuba Comeback Predicted.” Travel Weekly features the results of CREST’s Cuba tour operator survey showing that U.S. travel to the island is expected to rise in 2019 after seeing stayover travel decline in 2018.

March 22, 2019“Survey Says: Cuba Travel on the Uptick.” U.S. travel to Cuba is expected to rise in 2019, according to a CREST survey featured in this NTA Courier article.  Check out the article to learn more about our Cuba survey results and read CREST’s and Academic Travel Abroad’s insights on travel to the island.

March 18, 2019: “Tourists are Flocking to Locations Threatened by Climate Change. That Only Makes Things Worse.” CREST executive director Martha Honey spoke with Vox about how “last chance tourism” can contribute to overtourism in some of the world’s most fragile regions.

March 18, 2019: “Five-Year Travel Visas for Cuban Visitors Have Been Eliminated.” CREST executive director Martha Honey responds to news that the State Department has cut the B2 visa for Cubans visiting the United States from five years to three months in this TravelPulse article.

March 1, 2019: “Experts Tackle Difficult Question: ‘How Much Tourism is Too Much?'” Pacific Business News shares insights from a panel event on overtourism in Hawai’i that featured CREST Executive Director Martha Honey.

February 27, 2019: “Zócalo Panel Explores Issues Surrounding Tourism.” Listen to CREST executive director Martha Honey discuss overtourism at a panel event in Honolulu through this story from Hawai’i Public Radio.

February 20, 2019: “Cuba: What’s Changed and What’s Coming for 2019.” This Travel Pulse article discusses upcoming events in Cuba and covers the results of CREST’s tour operator survey on U.S. travel to the island. CREST’s Cuba advocacy work is also highlighted in Incentive Magazine.

February 19, 2019: “Don’t Believe the Hype, or the Rhetoric. Cuba is Still Open and Ready for American Travelers.” CREST executive director Martha Honey highlights that travel to Cuba is still safe and legal in this Boston Globe article about how to visit the island.

February 14, 2019: “Insider Cuba: What Travel Advisors Need to Know for 2019.” This article from Insider Travel Report discusses CREST’s Cuba tour operator survey showing that U.S. travel to the island is expected to rise in 2019. The results of CREST’s survey were also covered in Travel Agent Central, Travel Market Report, Excelencias News Cuba, Getting on Travel, and Smart Travel.

February 13, 2019: “U.S. Bookings to Cuba Expected to Rise, but Americans Still Confused About Travel Rules.” The Miami Herald covers the results of a CREST survey showing that U.S. travel to Cuba is expected to rise in 2019, despite ongoing public confusion about the legality of travel to the island.

February 13, 2019: “How to Be a Green Traveler.” CREST managing director Samantha Bray shares practical tips on how to travel sustainably and limit your carbon footprint while on vacation in this New York Times article.

February 1, 2019: “Is Flying or Driving Better for the Environment?” CREST managing director discusses ways travelers can reduce their environmental impact and offset their emissions in this article.

February 1, 2019: “Between the Sheets: Hospitality Education Programs Share Sustainability Success Stories.” Monterey County Herald covers the 2019 Monterey Bay Sustainable Hospitality Summit, where CREST executive director Martha Honey was a featured speaker.

January 9, 2019: “Why Puerto Rico Is No. 1 on Our Places to Go List.” CREST executive director Martha Honey shared her insights on the importance of traveling responsibly in this New York Times article about visiting Puerto Rico in 2019.

December 6, 2018: “Regulations and Sustainability – An Awkward Paradox for Travel.” In November, CREST executive director Martha Honey participated in an executive roundtable on “Travel and the Future of Cities” at The Phocuswright Conference. This Phocuswire article shares information about the roundtable and features a video of the discussion.

December 3, 2018: “Cruise Companies are Putting More Energy Into Creating Cleaner and Greener Vessels.” CREST executive director Martha Honey provides information on environmental monitoring of cruises in this Los Angeles Times article.

November 16, 2018: “Finding the Bali You Came For.” CREST executive director Martha Honey discusses the deep commitment needed to address overtourism in this Condé Nast Traveler article about Bali.

November 16, 2018: “Detouring: Top World Destinations are Overrun. Take Our Suggestions for Roads Not Taken.” The Washington Post shares alternatives to some of the world’s most popular destinations in this article featuring CREST executive director Martha Honey.

October 10, 2018“Centro para el Turismo Responsable por más nexos entre EE.UU. y Cuba.” CREST executive director Martha Honey spoke with Prensa Latina for this story about work of our Cuba advocacy coalition and the importance of people to people travel to Cuba.

October 7, 2018: “Experts Talk Threat of Overtourism and Possible Solutions.” Travel Weekly discusses the key takeaways from the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum on solutions to overtourism hosted by CREST and The George Washington University’s International Institute of Tourism Studies.

October 3, 2018“Can the World Be Saved From Overtourism?” CNN covers the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum, highlighting overtourism solutions discussed by Barcelona’s Albert Arias Sans, Iceland’s MaríaReynisdóttir, and G Adventures’ Sarah Miginiac.

October 1, 2018“A Call for Critical Thinking As We Move Our Tourism Industry Forward.” This op-ed on tourism policies and practices in the Bahamas cites CREST’s research on cruise tourism.

September 30, 2018“Who Owns Tourism?” This article from journalist David Jessop considers overtourism in the Caribbean and shares insights from the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum. It has been featured in a number of publications including Jamaica GleanerBarbados AdvocateVirgin Islands Daily, and Stabroek News.

September 17, 2018: Experts to Discuss Overtourism in Nation’s Capital.” This Travel Pulse article discusses the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum on overtourism, quoting an interview with CREST executive director Martha Honey and highlighting forum speakers.

September 7, 2018: “Why Travel? – A 21st Century Existential Crisis.” This comprehensive article by journalist Gail Pellett provides an in-depth look at pressing issues in global travel, including overtourism, and examines the history of travel and travel writing. CREST executive director Martha Honey shared her insights on the impact of cruise tourism for the piece.

August 27, 2018: “Leveraging Anniversaries: Overtourism’s 10th, Mandela’s 100th.” Travel Weekly editor in chief Arnie Weissmann examines the history of overtourism in his weekly column and shares information with readers about the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum hosted by CREST and The George Washington University’s International Institute of Tourism Studies.

August 24, 2018: Driving at the Heart of Sustainable Tourism.” Asian Property Review features an interview with CREST managing director Samantha Bray about progress being made in sustainable tourism.

August 23, 2018: U.S. Softens its Cuba Travel Advisory, but Still Advises Caution.” The Miami Herald reports on the State Department’s update to the Cuba travel advisory rating, quoting CREST executive director Martha Honey. A number of other outlets, including Travel WeeklyCigar AficionadoTravel Agent CentraleTurboNewsRadio Habana Cuba, and Prensa Latina, discussed CREST’s Cuba advocacy in the days following the travel advisory change.

August 17, 2018: Overtourism: Searching for Solutions.” In this article, eTurboNews highlights the 2018 World Tourism Day Forum hosted by CREST and The George Washington University’s International Institute of Tourism Studies, sharing details on the day-long event’s panel discussions and speakers.

August 13, 2018: An Ethical Guide To The Much-Hated All-Inclusive Resort.” In this Uproxx News article, CREST managing director Samantha Bray shares her insights on choosing responsible all-inclusive vacations.

August 4, 2018: Las medidas de Trump han perjudicado a los mismos cubanos que pretendía beneficiar.” This OnCuba article by Rafael Betancourt discusses the impact of recent U.S. travel policies on Cuban entrepreneurs and cites the results of CREST’s 2018 survey of U.S. tour operators involved in travel to Cuba.

July 21, 2018: “‘Experiencias Rarámuri,’ una inmersión a la cultura de la Sierra Tarahumara.” In this Spanish language article, Travindy highlights the work of Experiencias Rarámuri, CREST’s community-based tourism project that brings visitors into the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, Mexico and immerses them in the Rarámuri culture. This year, Experiencias Rarámuri received a Mexican Tourism Product Diversification award from Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism.

June 19, 2018: “Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean.” This article, written by CREST executive director Martha Honey, outlines the “lessons learned” from 50 years of cruise tourism in the Caribbean. These insights can inform the growing cruise industry in Cuba. Honey co-authored a book on this topic entitled Por el Mar de las Antillas: 50 Anos de Turismo de Cruceros en el Caribe, released in Spanish in 2018).

June 14, 2018: “Tourism in the Caribbean.” In this episode of The Adaptation Conversation podcast (run by Acclimatise, a UK-based advisory and analytics company providing expertise in climate change adaptation and risk management), CREST managing director Samantha Bray discusses the relationship between climate change, environmental degradation, and tourism. (Read about the four volumes on marine/coastal tourism and climate change, co-edited by Bray and executive director Martha Honey.)

May 25, 2018: “The Reason Safaris Cost So Much Might Surprise You.” This Travel + Leisure article about how safari tour operators are contributing to conservation projects cites CREST’s Responsible Travel Tips as a resource for travelers before, during, and after a trip.

May 25, 2018: “Oregon Marine Reserves Summit held in Cannon Beach.” CREST managing director Samantha Bray attended and spoke at the Oregon Marine Reserves Summit, which focused on creating partnerships between the tourism industry and marine reserves to promote conservation. She spoke about the most recent travel trends, which involve travelers who are more eco-conscious and willing to pay for sustainable experiences.

May 10, 2018: The Caribbean Relies on Your Vacation – But Suffers from Its Carbon Footprint.” In an interview with Grist, CREST’s executive director Martha Honey remarks on the role travelers can play in protecting the Caribbean from the effects of climate change. “The Caribbean as a whole has been a minor contributor to climate change overall, but a tremendous victim of it,” she explains. CREST provides options for travelers to offset their carbon footprint in our Responsible Travel Tips.

April 28, 2018: “Eco-Friendly Tourism is Becoming a Movement, and More Vacationers are Buying into the Concept.” Destinations and travelers who visit them are becoming more attuned to the environmental impacts of tourism. Martha Honey adds that through responsible tourism, soft education offers the opportunity for travelers to take lessons learned home.

April 20, 2018: Green Your Vacation.” In this National Geographic article, CREST’s Samantha Bray discusses ways to put an environmentally-friendly spin on your family trip, positively impacting the earth and your child’s attitude towards the planet.

March 18, 2018: Travel Philanthropy.” This comprehensive piece describes the titular subject matter as “a new niche, with travelers integrating philanthropic experiences and even volunteer work into their itinerary.” CREST’s managing director, Samantha Bray (née Hogenson), seconds that, adding, “All over the world, travelers and travel companies are giving financial resources, time, and talent to further the wellbeing of local communities. This emerging movement is helping to support and empower local and indigenous communities by providing jobs, skills, and lasting improvements in health care, education, and environmental stewardship.”

March 2, 2018:U.S. Decision to Permanently Reduce Cuba Embassy Staff Draws Swift Reaction.” Among those reacting to the State Department’s announcement was Martha Honey, executive director of CREST, who suggested that this “new normal” might open the door for lowering Cuba’s Level 3 advisory (the equivalent of the old Travel Warning) to a more reasonable, and less intimidating, Level 2. (For more on this issue, see “Travel to Cuba,” above).

March 2, 2018:Fatal Lion Mauling Highlights Controversy of Private Reserves.” A woman’s death in South Africa heightened ongoing concerns about safety measures, or the lack thereof, in private game reserves. CREST’s executive director, Martha Honey, pulled no punches in attributing blame to those responsible for creating an environment in which wild animals have access to human visitors without proper safety precautions put in place. She told the reporter: “We need more carefully developed, agreed upon protocols for private reserves that parallel what has been developed for national parks.”

January 7, 2018:Time to Reconsider Value of Cruise Tourism.” One business sector seemingly unaffected by recent U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba is the cruise industry, which continues to ramp up the number of ships being sent to Havana. But back in November, Martha Honey, CREST’s executive director, presented a “lessons learned” study at the United Nations World Tourism Organization conference in Jamaica, pointing out that “because land-based stopover tourism is far more valuable than cruise tourism, governments would be wise to invest in strengthening sustainable long-stay tourism,” this article states. Ways in which to do so are shared in this piece.

January 4, 2018:After a Plane Crash, Questions About Travel in Costa Rica.” The death of an American family in a charter flight crash in Costa Rica over the holidays raised alarms about the dangers of various modes of tourism transportation abroad. CREST’s executive director, Martha Honey, helped put the crash in perspective in this New York Times article by suggesting alternative means of travel and emphasizing the need to vet reliable tour operators.

November 29, 2017: “15 Ways You Can Help Curb Overtourism.” One of the travel industry’s biggest challenges—if not the biggest—is “overtourism,” or the tsunami-like visitation of tourists to destinations like Venice and Barcelona, with damaging consequences. This Orbitz blog post recommends 15 simple ways to avoid contributing to the problem, all of them supplied by experts in the field, including CREST’s managing director, Samantha Hogenson. “Applying the principles of sustainable travel to your vacation,” Hogenson told Orbitz, “is not only good for the destination, ensuring it is healthy and available for generations of travelers to come, but it makes for a better vacation.”

November 12, 2017: US Students Continue Sailing Trip to Cuba Despite Faltering Bilateral Relations.” Even as tensions between U.S. and Cuban officials continued to escalate this fall, the Harvey Gamage, a 130-foot schooner carrying “gap year” (between high school and college) students to Cuba as part of an educational and ecological program conducted by Ocean Passages, made its way to the island nation. This Cuba Trade Magazine article sums up the program’s mission and covers the damage U.S. actions are doing to U.S. travel to Cuba. Among those quoted are members of the Cuba Travel Advocacy Coalition, whose activities CREST is spearheading. For an overview of CREST’s work regarding Cuba, visit our “Staying the Course” web page, which includes links to other articles covering the Harvey Gamage’s voyage.

October 26, 2017: First Nations Fight to Protect the Rare Spirit Bear from Hunters.” This excellent National Geographic feature tells the story of CREST friend and partner Doug Neasloss. He’s an elected chief councilor of the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Nation in British Columbia (B.C.), where he also co-founded the Spirit Bear Lodge, a popular ecolodge that supports the surrounding community. CREST plays a minor, albeit vital, role in this story, as we conducted a 2014 study showing that bear watching is 12 times more profitable than bear hunting in B.C. Doug and his fellow activists used this study to successfully petition the new B.C. government to ban grizzly-bear trophy hunting.

August 29, 2017: Ecotourism Investment Begins to Flourish.” This article from the Conservation Finance Network discusses how ecotourism is beginning to catch the eye of private investors and other funders who are interested in financing sustainable development, rehabilitation, wildlife reintroduction, and/or conservation research. CREST’s Martha Honey discusses how this has been one of the missing legs to support ecotourism

July 28, 2017: An overview of CREST’s July cruise forum in Havana – “Opportunities & threats from the sea” – is given on page 14 of the Cuban newspaper Granma.

June 10, 2017: “The modern cure for the summertime blues.” Are Americans taking the vacation they deserve? And what does that mean for the economy? writes about recent American vacation habits and trends including how much vacation is taken and mindful travel. CREST’s Martha Honey weighs in on difficulties and opportunities with sustainable travel planning.

May 29, 2017:Greening your summer vacation.” This New York Times article by Elaine Glusac provides resources on transportation, green operations, and social impacts for consideration when vacation planning. CREST’s Martha Honey is quoted in regards to doing your sustainable travel homework.

May 18, 2017: What is ‘green travel,’ anyway? A beginner’s guide to eco-friendly vacation planning.” In this Washington Post article, Andrea Sachs offers suggestions from green travel experts, including Martha Honey, on how to make vacations more sustainable.

February 1, 2017: “Visit the World’s Most Fragile Wonders Before It’s Too Late.” This article recommends six last-chance tourism destinations to visit in 2017, destinations that may disappear due to the impacts of climate change and other man-made phenomena, such as dams.  The article highlights CREST’s Samantha Hogenson’s thoughts from a 2016 Sierra Club article, “The Paradox of ‘Last Chance Tourism’.” 

January 6, 2017: “Where Sustainable Travel is Headed in 2017”: The mainstreaming of sustainability? In this brief overview of sustainable travel, where it stands, and what’s to come, four travel industry sectors are highlighted: airlines, cruise ships, tour operators, and hotels. The article quotes CREST’s Martha Honey on changes among airlines and tour operators towards greater sustainability.

December 27, 2016: “How to Be an Ethical Traveler.” Martha Honey offers insights on how to embrace responsible travel, including 1) conducting diligent research; 2) choosing the right travel companies & organizations; 3) being more culturally sensitive; 4) offsetting your carbon footprint, and 5) giving back to the local community.

December 14, 2016: “AirBnB Now Offers “Social Impact Experiences”: How Much Good Will They Do?” Among AirBnB’s new offerings of “Experiences” with locals is the “Social Impact Experience,” where travelers can learn about the work of local nonprofits through several days of activities and the nonprofits benefit by being able to showcase their work and receive financial support from the fees paid for the experience.  The article examines the recent rise of charitable tourism and references CREST’s “The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends and Statistics 2016” for its discussion of the various types of tourism that do good.  In looking at the potential for harm with these types of travel experiences, the article quotes CREST’s Samantha Hogenson and references CREST’s Traveler’s Philanthropy guide.

December 5, 2016: “Marketplace Challenges Proved Too Much for Fathom to Overcome.” Carnival’s “social impact” cruise line, Fathom, will shut down next June. Fathom offered voluntourism and people-to-people experiences. Fathom’s Adonia created buzz for being the first ship to take regularly scheduled cruises to Cuba in more than 50 years. Social impact cruises were also offered to the Dominican Republic. It turns out the audience just wasn’t there. Martha Honey comments in the article as to why she thinks this is.

December 4, 2016: “The Greenpreneur” Podcast. Martha Honey was a guest on “The Greenpreneur Show” with Michael Thomas, which is a one-hour consumer-based program every Sunday at 3pm CST. The audience ranges from young entrepreneurs to eco-conscious gurus that are eager to change the world and their lifestyle by their actions. She spoke about sustainable tourism and CREST’s work.

November 24, 2016: “B.C. NDP Announces Policy to Ban Trophy Hunting of Grizzlies.” As part of its 2017 election platform, the New Democratic Party of British Columbia has pledged to ban all trophy hunting of grizzly bears in the province. CREST’s economic impact report is cited once again.

November 23, 2016: “Why Does B.C. Still Kill Grizzlies for Sport?” The debate over bear-viewing vs. bear hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest rages on. An October provincial government news release claims B.C. has “a high level of rigor and adequate safeguards in place to ensure the long-term stability of grizzly populations.” This is disputed by biologists, and those against hunting argue that it’s not even all about science – it’s about values and ethics. CREST’s economic impact report is cited.

November 10, 2016: “8 Ethical Travel Destinations to Visit in 2017.” Alongside other sustainable tourism experts, CREST’s Martha Honey adds her voice to highlight Canada, Aruba, Grenada, and Costa Rica.

November 3, 2016: “The Changing Colour of Travel from Grey to Green.” This article discusses the greening of the tourism industry and how to be a more mindful traveler. CREST’s “Trends & Statistics” study is referenced twice, noting that the “social and environmental imperative for responsible travel is being spurred, in part, by the twin crises of wealth inequality and climate change” and that large hotel and tour operators around the world are responding to ecotourism interest by appointments of senior management positions for sustainability practices.

September 22, 2016: “The Paradox of “Last Chance Tourism.” “Last Chance Tourism” is “a niche tourism market focused on witnessing and experiencing a place before it disappears.” CREST’s Samantha Hogenson weighs in on the pros and cons of this form of tourism in this Sierra Club article by Katie O’Reilly. 

May 26, 2016: EXPOSED Ep. 5: Killing Grizzlies – The Truth Behind the B.C. Trophy Hunt. Premier professional wildlife and nature photographer John E. Marriott takes an in-depth second look to expose the truths behind the trophy grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, Canada on his web series “EXPOSED with John E. Marriott.” Why is there still a hunt? Is it the sport, the public demand, the politics, the science, or the economics? John delves into the issue with some hard-hitting facts (including a number from CREST’s 2013 study in the Great Bear Rainforest) that will make you want to get involved in the fight against the grizzly bear hunt by visiting

May 19, 2016: TripAdvisor Criticized for Promoting Animal Cruelty. This National Geographic news article by Rachael Bale looks at TripAdvisor’s role in ensuring animal welfare. CREST managing director Samantha Hogenson discusses consumer demand for responsible animal treatment in tourism and TripAdvisor’s opportunity to help shift the needle.

April 14, 2016: Study: Responsible Travel Outpacing Overall Tourism Growth. CREST’s 2016 release of The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends & Statistics is showcased in this Travel Market Report article by Marilee Crocker, which shares excerpts from the report.

March 22, 2016: This Cuban Eco-Tour Features Surf and Turf. This Cuba Journal article looks at the itinerary of CREST’s Charter Club trip to Cuba, focusing on the fascinating country’s extraordinary marine, cultural, and natural tourism offerings.

March 1, 2016: CREST: Center for Responsible Travel. SEVENSEAS, a project of The Ocean Foundation, features CREST’s work in marine and coastal tourism in the March edition of their popular online magazine (pages 102 – 105).

January 20, 2016: How a Surf and Yoga Camp Measures Up to “Ecotourism” Definition. Bodhi Surf School intern Sam Rose examines the surf school through the lens of Martha Honey’s seven Characteristics of Ecotourism in this eight-part series.

November 8, 2015: Is B.C.’s trophy hunt for grizzly bears bad business?: CREST’s 2012 study on the economic impact of bear hunting vs. bear viewing in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada, is again brought to the forefront as the debate rages on between guides with international tourists who come to see the bears and big-game hunters who are there to bring them home as trophies.

October 14, 2015: The Costa Rica News article by Jordan Dobrowski – Pavement is finally coming to Dominical, Costa Rica — but is it a change for the better?: This article takes a brief look at the potential impacts of paving the main road in Dominical, Costa Rica, and the possible implications for tourism. CREST’s 2010 Study “Impact of Tourism Related Development on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica” is quoted when considering the two very different forms of tourism that might take the stage.

September 29, 2015: Los Angeles Times article by Mary Forgione – Millennials Give More than Most, a Survey of Charity Travel Finds: A recent survey by Tourism Cares shows high giving tendencies among US travelers. CREST’s Dos and Don’ts of Travel Giving is referenced for how to take part in mindful travel giving.

September 23, 2015: Travel Weekly article by Gay Nagle Myers – Cuba Tours Reflect Increased Demand: The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has partnered with Cuba Educational Travel for its first Cuba program, an eight-day people-to-people tour highlighting Cuba’s marine, cultural, and natural tourism offerings.

August 26, 2015: Inter-American Foundation article by Justin Welch – Tourism, Development, and Community Philanthropy in Costa Rica: The Monteverde Community Fund was established by a group of local residents based on the idea of “Travelers’ Philanthropy” by the Center of Responsible Travel (CREST).

August 16, 2015: Odyssey article by Maxime Devillaz – The Lion King Still Lingers, For Now: While animal lovers around the world were celebrating “World Elephant Day” on Aug 12, the issue of sport hunting on the African savannah was raised again. CREST’s Martha Honey shares thoughts on sport hunting in her book “Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise?”

August 13, 2015: Inter-American Foundation article by Martha Honey and Jannelle Wilkins – Top 10 Points to Consider When Creating a Destination-Wide Travelers’ Philanthropy Program: Reflecting on the challenges and successes of Monteverde, Costa Rica’s Travelers’ Philanthropy program, developed in 2010, and Grenada’s program, developed in 2015, Honey and Wilkins share points for advice for others looking to establish destination-wide programs.

August 04, 2015: Travel Weekly article by Gay Nagle Myers – Young Voices are Heard in Sustainability Conversation: JetBlue partnered with the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) to offer two students scholarships for attendance to the 2015 Innovators Think Tank Conference. In addition, the outcome of the conference will be showcased in a video documentary title “Caribbean ‘Green” Travel” that scheduled for release late this year.

July 25, 2015: Caribbean Life article by Nelson A. King – New Grant Program for Sustainable Tourism: JetBlue Airways and the Center for Responsible Travel partnered to offer two student scholarships for attendance to the 2015 Innovators Think Tank: Climate Change and Coastal Tourism, hosted by CREST and the Puntacana Ecological Foundation.

July 17, 2015: New York Times article by CREST honorary advisory board member, Elizabeth Becker – The Revolt Against Tourism: Becker discusses growing tensions between locals and tourists and outlines the need for regulation to stop beloved places from being “loved to death.”

July 17, 2015: Grenada Welcomes Executive Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism: The Executive Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism was convened by the Center for Responsible Travel and the Caribbean Tourism Organization together with Grenada Tourism Authority, Compete Caribbean and Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association held last week at the beautiful St. George’s Univeristy in Grenada. The intention of the event was to bring together over 100 green tourism innovators from around the world to see if the Caribbean tourism opportunities and challenges could be addressed and enhanced – and that the activity could be healthy and sustainable.

June 5, 2015: Bloomberg Business article by Justin Bachman – Take a Cruise, Save the World: Will Millennials Buy Social-Justice Tourism?: With Carnival Cruise Lines offering new “social impact” cruises to provide voluntourism experiences in partnering destinations, Martha Honey offers insight into appropriate forms of travelers’ philanthropy.

April 17, 2015: Travel Market Report article by Marilee Crocker – Responsible Travel: Why Agents Should Care: CREST’s Martha Honey shares the importance of travel agents being involved in responsible travel and discusses “The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends & Statistics 2015.”

April 3, 2015: New York Times article by Julie Satow – Leonardo DiCaprio Builds an Eco-Resort: DiCaprio has partnered with Delos, a New York based developer, to create an eco-conscious resort on Blackadore Caye, Belize. CREST shares statistics on the large and growing ecotourism market.

March 18, 2015: CREST Intern Gains from Work with Social Media Campaign: CREST intern Allison Christensen shares insight as to what it’s like to intern with CREST through the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota news blog.

January 30, 2015: Wall Street Journal article by Elaine Glusac – Farm-to-Table Comes to the Caribbean: CREST’s Martha Honey weighs in on how high-end resorts are making headway to meet the demand for healthy, local food, and for keeping money in local hands.

October 24, 2014: Maclean’s magazine article by Nancy Macdonald – Grizzly Toll: B.C’s Controversial Trophy Bear Hunt: A year after CREST’s study “Economic Impact of Bear Viewing and Bear Hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia” was published, the debate goes on between the two sides. Nancy Macdonald writes, “While bear tourism has become an economic boon, the province is expanding a trophy bear hunt that is controversial with both scientists and First Nations.”

October 22, 2014: Green Global Travel article by Bret Love – Going Green: The Top 10 Countries that Get It Right: Martha Honey offers insight alongside other ecotourism experts on what destinations are getting it right in terms of sustainability.

September 16, 2014: Wall Street Journal article by Robyn A. Friedman – In the U.S., It’s Back to Nature for Some Resorts: Interested in the business behind ecotourism? CREST Program Director David Krantz, provides background on U.S. Eco-Resorts in this article.

September 15, 2014: Interview: Sr. Martha Honey on Ecotourism, Dolphin Tours & Travel Bloggers: Eco-blogger Bret Love of Green Global Travel sat down with Martha Honey to talk about CREST’s mission, responsible tourism, and the role of the travel media in responsible tourism.

July 18, 2014: National Geographic News Watch article by Mark Spalding – Working Towards Sustainable Coastal Tourism: Mark Spalding, CEO of The Ocean Foundation, shares his experience as a participant in the 3rd Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism, including seven crucial take-aways that each individual should keep in mind when on the journey to sustainability.

July 17, 2014: TravelMole article by Valere Tjolle – Coastal Tourism Major Innovation Event for Grenada: The unique event, organized by the Center for Responsible Travel, Stanford University and Caribbean Tourism Organization, together with Pure Grenada will bring together up to 150 invited global ‘green’ experts, including real estate developers, operators, investors, and other business executives committed to new sustainable models of marine, coastal, and island tourism and vacation home development.

July 15, 2014: TravelMole article by Valere Tjolle – Caribbean Tourism: Literally dozens of top speakers presented to enthusiastic audiences, but more than often, certainly at the beginning, the message shared was dire.

July 14, 2014: Jamaica Observer article – Warning for Caribbean Countries as Sea Level Continues to Rise: Director of the Environmental and Occupational Health Track of the Public Health Department of St George’s University is predicting a bleak future for the Caribbean amid concerns that the rate of sea level rises beyond the anticipated three millimeters mark during the 1st Caribbean Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism.

July 11, 2014: Global Post article – Symposium on Caribbean’s Coastal Tourism Opens in Grenada: A symposium to explore sustainable models for the development of coastal tourism in the Caribbean kicked off in Grenada on Thursday.

July 11, 2014: Caribbean News Digital article – Symposium on Caribbean’s Coastal Tourism Ends in Grenada: A symposium to explore sustainable models for the development of coastal tourism in the Caribbean came to a close in Grenada.

July 10, 2014: Caribbean360 article – Grenada 2014 Tourism Numbers up Despite Depressed Economy: At the 1st Caribbean Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism, Grenada’s Tourism Minister Alexandria Otway Noel says despite an inherited depressed economy, her administration has recorded significant growth in the tourism industry in 2014 so far.

July 2, 2014: Groundation Grenada article – 3rd Executive Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism: The Grenada Tourism Authority together with the Centre for Responsible Travel (CREST), the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association are facilitating the 3rd Executive Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism from 9th to 11th July, 2014 at the St. George’s University.

July 02, 2014: The Phoenix Newspaper article – 3rd Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism Grenada Opening Ceremony Remarks by Gail Henry: The Caribbean Tourism Organization would like to thank the Government of Grenada for hosting this important and timely Symposium. The Ministry of Tourism, the Grenada Tourism Authority, the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association and other stakeholders have collaborated with the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Center for Responsible Travel over the past few months to bring this event to fruition.

June 27, 2014: Philanthropy is about Giving “a Hand up, Rather Than a Handout: David Krantz from the Centre for Responsible Travel (CREST) speaks with Blue & Green Tomorrow about its Travelers’ Philanthropy programme – where tourism businesses and travelers are going to extraordinary lengths.

June 19, 2014: Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association article – New Sustainability Awards Programme to Be Launched at Innovators Symposium in Grenada Next Month: A new sustainability awards programme aimed at the region’s tourism private sector will be launched at the Caribbean’s first Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism, in St. George’s, Grenada, next month.

May 9, 2014: NBC News article by Tanya Mohn –Travelers Inspired to Do Good While Seeing the World: This article discusses impactful and appropriate ways travelers can interact with a community or environment they’re visiting, spotlighting several travel companies that are ‘offering globetrotters increasingly innovative ways to support a charitable cause while seeing the world.’

April 29, 2014: Tico Times article by Robert Isenberg – Controversial Tourism Documentary Receives Second Release: This article has reignited conversation surrounding CREST’s documentary on tourism impacts in Costa Rica. The Goose with the Golden Eggs looks at high value vs. high volume models of tourism in the country.

April 9, 2014: New York Times article by Ondine Cohane – Eat, Stay, Buy Locally: Treading Lightly on the Road: CREST and Program Director, David Krantz, were referenced in this article, which tackles the question “Is your visit to a destination ultimately helping or hurting the place and its people? Is it possible to travel ethically in such places?”

April 5, 2014: article – CREST Has Released the Latest Research and Statistics on Responsible Travel: The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has released the latest research and statistics on responsible or sustainable travel.  This document contains the objective, quantitative information on the consumer demand for responsible travel, the business case for responsible tourism, and the destination/community case for responsible travel.

April 2, 2014: Environmental Leader article by Leon Walker – Responsible Travel Tied to Bottom Line Benefits: There is increasing recognition among both travel professionals and consumers of the importance of responsible travel and “strong evidence” that responsible travel is good for the economic bottom line, according to analysis by the Center for Responsible Travel.

January 19, 2014: article by Patricia Randolph – Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Watching Bears is Much More Profitable Than Killing Them. The Centre for Responsible Tourism is calling on the British Columbia government to revise its hunting policies considering findings that viewing bears is exponentially more profitable than killing them: “A comparison of the number of jobs generated by each industry also points to the need for a policy change. Researchers found companies involved in bear viewing employed 510 people in 2012, while 11 people worked for guide outfitters in the same year.”

January 10, 2014: Coastal Mountain News article by Caitlin Thompson – New Study Claims Bear Watching More Profitable than Hunting: A new study released last week claims that bear watching is much more profitable than bear hunting. The study was conducted by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), a non-profit research institute with offices in Washington, DC and at Stanford University.

January 9, 2014: Global News article and video by Peter Meiszner – New Study Says Grizzly Bear Tourism Worth more to B.C. than Grizzly Bear Hunting: The study was conducted by the Center for Responsible Travel and funded by Tides Canada and Nature Conservancy USA, found that “bear viewing” in the rainforest generated 12 times more visitor revenue than bear hunting in 2012.

January 8, 2014: CBC News article – Bear Watching more Profitable than Bear Hunting, Says Study: The study conducted by the Centre for Responsible Tourism, a research institute at Stanford University in Washington, D.C., and funded by the conservation organization Tides Canada, concluded that bear-related ecotourism is exponentially more profitable than trophy hunting.

January 8, 2014: article – Bear Viewing Generates Far More Revenue and Jobs than Hunting in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest: The study by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), Economic Impact of Bear Viewing and Bear Hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, determined that in 2012, bear viewing in the Great Bear Rainforest, which has been growing rapidly over the last decade, generated 12 times more in visitor spending than bear hunting and over 11 times in direct revenue for BC’s provincial government.

September 10, 2013: Travel Weekly article by Michelle Baran – Rethinking Voluntourism: This article considers CREST’s “Travelers’ Philanthropy Handbook and discusses the pitfalls of voluntourism, looking to identify ways in which the travel industry and travelers alike can make a positive impact on the environment and communities they touch.

April 1, 2013: Ethical Traveler article by Laura Carroll – New Report on Trends and Statistics Finds Interest in Responsible Travel on the Rise: The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) conducted a meta-analysis of tourism surveys and market studies and found abundant evidence at the consumer, business, and destination levels indicates that responsible tourism is economically viable as well as ethically sound.

February 19, 2013: New York Times article by Kim Severson – This Charleston Harbor Battle is Over Cruise Ships: The Center for Responsible Travel was discussed in this article as a main player in and sponsor for a recent International Conference around Cruise Tourism: “Harboring Tourism.

February 13, 2013: CREST Finds that Demand for Responsible travel is Strong & Growing: Demand for responsible travel is strong, growing, and profitable concludes new analysis by Center for Responsible Travel.

February 11, 2013: Green Hotelier article by Holly Tuppen – Business Case for Responsible Tourism Getting Stronger: The 8-page summary of evidence that there is increasing recognition among both travel professionals and consumers of the business case for and importance of responsible travel, according to analysis by the Center for Responsible Travel.

February 4, 2013: Travel Market Report article by Maria Lenhart – Selling Responsible Tourism: A Worthwhile Challenge, Agents Say: According to a study from the Center for Responsible Travel, the travel industry is finding that sustainability is “good for the economic bottom line.”

November 8, 2012: Daily Northwestern article by Meghan Morris – Ecotourism Expert Discusses Sustainable Travel: Martha Honey, the co-director for the Center for Responsible Travel, talks about the history of ecotourism in the Roberta Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies’ Global Development Series article “Ecotourism Expert Discusses Sustainable Travel.”

June 1, 2012: Evento Plus article – Con 40 Proveedores Se Realiza la Green Expo en Mexico: David Krantz is the opening speaker at the Green Expo 2012 in Riviera Maya, Mexico, discussed here: “Con 40 proveedores se realiza la Green Expo en México” (in Spanish).

December 7, 2011: Noroeste article by Liliana Zamora – Faltan Acciones, No Buenas Intenciones: David Krantz speaks at the Segundo Foro Empresarial Coparmex in Mazatlan, followed up by the article “Faltan Acciones, no Buenas Intenciones” (in Spanish).

October 10, 2011: Luum Balicheo article – Conferencia Bienestar Animal y Desarrollo Sostenible: CREST is invited to speak at WSPA’s La Magistral Conferencia sobre Bienestar Animal y Desarrollo Sostenible, Cancun, Mexico.

September 26, 2011: On Earth article by Sylvia Arias – Is It Time to Rethink the Costa Rican Tourism Industry?: This article features CREST’s study, “The Impact of Tourism Related Development along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast,” discussing lessons learned from Guanacaste and the necessary vision for sustainability in the Osa Peninsula.

September 13, 2011: Travelers’s Philanthropy: Supporting Conservation and Local Communities: CREST featured in the IUCN article “Travelers’ Philanthropy: Supporting Conservation and Local Communities.”

May 15, 2011: Center for Responsible Travel Goes to Costa Rica July 20-23: Travel Talk Radio interviews Martha Honey about CREST’s Traveler’s Philanthropy and the 3rd International Traveler’s Philanthropy Conference, July 20th-23rd, in Costa Rica.

March 19, 2011: On Earth article by Alice Henly – Can Ecotourism Survive in Costa Rica?: CREST is asked “Can Ecotourism Survive in Costa Rica?”

May 12, 2010: Costa Rica News article by Sergio Arce A. – Foreign Studies Question Costa Rica’s Green Image: CREST’s research in Costa Rica is referenced in this article, challenging the image of Costa Rica as a destination for environmentally sustainable, and even exotic paradise, due to the impact of real estate development experienced by the Pacific Coast.

October 19, 2009: Tourism in the Developing World: Martha Honey and Raymond Gilpin’s Special Report from the United States Institute for Peace is released and includes three country profiles and case studies collected from participants from the Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference last December. Contributing authors are Dr. Bola Adeleke, Nigeria; Aditi Chanchani, India; and Dr. David Western of Kenya.

October 18, 2009: Denver Post article by Claire Martin and Kyle Wagner – Voluntour Info: This article provides tips for how to travel responsibly as a voluntourist, highlighting CREST’s work in Travelers’ Philanthropy and Voluntourism.

October 21, 2008: Travel Lightly: WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show interviews CESD co-director Dr. Martha Honey on the recent edition of her book, Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise?

June 23, 2008: Is Travel Ever Green? Ecotourism experts, including CREST’s Martha Honey, are part of an interview on Minnesota Public Radio. What does truly earth-friendly travel mean, and what forms might it take?