[Washington, D.C.] – The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is proud to announce the recipient of the 2023 Martha Honey Legacy in Responsible Travel Award, an annual accolade that honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to advancing the cause of responsible travel. We are honored to present Bruce Poon Tip, the visionary founder of G Adventures, as the deserving recipient of this prestigious award in 2023.

The Martha Honey Legacy in Responsible Travel Award was established in honor of Dr. Martha Honey, CREST’s co-founder and renowned leader in responsible travel. Upon her retirement, CREST’s Board of Directors and staff came together to create an annual award to recognize those who, like Martha, have made remarkable contributions to our field.

Bruce Poon Tip’s selection for the 2023 award reflects his unwavering leadership and tireless advocacy for sustainable travel principles on a global scale. As an entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist, Bruce’s impact on the travel industry and his commitment to responsible travel have set a new standard for the entire sector.

“We are thrilled to announce Bruce Poon Tip as the recipient of the 2023 Martha Honey Legacy in Responsible Travel Award,” says Andrea Pinabell, CREST board chair. “Bruce’s dedication to responsible travel, as exemplified by his work at G Adventures and the Planeterra Foundation, has been nothing short of transformative. His vision for connecting travelers with local communities and creating a positive social impact through tourism aligns perfectly with the values and mission of CREST. Bruce is an inspiration to us all, and his selection as this year’s awardee is a testament to his outstanding contributions to the travel industry.”

“Bruce Poon Tip’s pioneering efforts in tourism have transformed how we think about social impact,” says Wesley Espinosa, CREST Executive Director. “His commitment to community tourism and the Planeterra Foundation’s work to channel traveler dollars into underserved communities have made a profound difference in destinations around the world. Bruce’s dedication, innovation, and passion for responsible travel make him an exemplary choice for the 2023 Martha Honey Legacy in Responsible Travel Award.”

Bruce Poon Tip’s remarkable journey from a backpacker with a vision to a global leader in social entrepreneurship and sustainable travel is a testament to the transformative power of responsible travel. CREST is proud to recognize and celebrate his contributions to the industry.

“G Adventures was founded 33 years ago with the goal of changing people’s lives through travel. As the pioneers of community tourism, we’ve worked hard over the past three decades to ensure that we have had a huge impact on local communities around the world, using tourism as a driver of wealth distribution and poverty alleviation in some of the world’s poorest countries. I’ve always believed in the incredible transformative power of community tourism, where travel is mutually beneficial for both the traveler and the places and people we visit. I’m honored to be given this award and am eager to keep working toward a more sustainable and equitable tourism industry for everyone involved.”

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About the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST): The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the way the world travels. Based in Washington, DC but with an international scope, CREST provides solutions, resources, and support to governments, policymakers, tourism businesses, and nonprofit organizations to confront tourism’s most pressing issues.

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