Coalition Resources: Cuba Travel

Members of the Cuba Travel Advocacy Coalition have shared the following helpful resources to understanding what the current travel regulations mean and how you can still visit Cuba:

  • Advocacy Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to help counter the misinformation about U.S. travel to Cuba and the Trump administration’s policy changes. It will be sent to U.S. tour operators, educational institutions, and others involved in travel to Cuba, in 2018. We will suggest that these organizations and businesses use this memo to craft their own letters to members of Congress, the media, etc., and that they also send it to U.S. citizens they have sent to Cuba so that these people can write similar letters about their experiences in Cuba.
  • Update on Travel Regulations - Cuba Educational Travel reinforces that travel to Cuba is perfectly safe and legal and how to go about it.
  • Cuba Educational Travel has also been featured in mainstream media with the following articles: Notice to Cuba Travelers: Understanding the Regulations - Bob Guild, vice president, Marazul Charters and co-coordinator, Responsible and Ethical Cuba Travel (RESPECT), provides this useful breakdown of what travel looks like under each of the 12 OFAC categories.
  • Changes to How the US Department of States Issues Travel Warnings - Academic Travel Abroad shares that the State Department, starting in January, will have a new travel advisory sytem in place with 4 levels. What level Cuba will fall under remains to be seen.