CREST has established partnerships with a number of likeminded organizations, foundations, associations, and companies, collaborating to advance responsible tourism policies and practices. These entities include:

Adventure Bucket List

Adventure Bucket List provides an enterprise software platform to tourism destinations bringing activities, tours, and local accommodations online. The platform is designed to increase visitor spending, keep tourism dollars local, and strengthen relationships within the community. It monetizes traditional tourism listing websites and empowers local businesses by increasing online visibility and reducing dependency on third parties. Interested in exploring opportunities for your destination or business? Contact us to learn more!

African Safari Lodge Foundation

The African Safari Lodge Foundation (ASLF), and members of its team, have many years of experience in conservation, development, tourism and land reform through its activities as the ASLF and its predecessor, Mafisa Planning and Research. The company's mission to facilitate economic growth, ownership, skills development and job-creation through responsible forms of tourism and related land uses following a "rights-based" approach.

Audubon International

Audubon International is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization dedicated to providing people with the education and assistance they need to practice responsible management of land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources, thus leading to more sustainable communities. To meet this mission, the organization provides training, services, and a set of award-winning environmental education and certification programs for individuals, organizations, properties, new developments, and entire communities.

Basecamp Foundation

The Basecamp Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that funds and supports initiatives that develop and promote responsible tourism. The "mother" unit, and advisory board, is based in Oslo, Norway. As of May 2009, the Basecamp Foundation also consists of two other linked, but separate, foundations: Basecamp Foundation Kenya, which hosts and operates the resources for implementing projects and developing programs, and Basecamp Foundation USA, which manages contacts in the US and administers fundraising and project development operations in the US and Canada., in collaboration with Skyviews Inc., Caribbean map publishers since 1985, have inaugurated a Sustainability Award scheme for small, medium and large tourism service providers in 11 Caribbean islands. GLISPA, Global Island Partnership, and CREST support the awards.

The awards measure the impact of a business on the environment in five key areas: Biodiversity, Energy, Social Governance, Waste and Water. Implementing changes in these areas can increase a business's bottom line whilst decreasing the negative impact on the environment.

The data collected from the private sector on the challenges to adoption is shared with the public sector in an effort to implement policy change and support sustainable tourism.

Bodhi Surf School

Bodhi Surf School is a tourism business that aims to provide memorable travel experiences through exposure to the people and the environment of the place that it calls home. Bahia Ballena is a small, coastal Costa Rican community that borders the spectacular Marino Ballena National Park, a wonderful place to get back into the natural rhythm of nature. Helping foster a reconnection with nature through yoga and surfing is one of Bodhi Surf School's most important goals, as having positive experiences in nature are the best way to promote the protection of nature. The word "Bodhi" is Sanskrit for "awareness," and as a business, Bodhi Surf weaves themes of environmental and marine conservation awareness into its everyday practices.

Canopy Development

Canopy is a boutique development firm focused on turnaround advisory and development services for permitted resort projects throughout the western hemisphere. We provide analysis and master planning as well as development and financing services for resort projects that have fallen victim to stalled capital markets. Our specific focus is in turnaround, and we work as a co-developer of permitted resort properties to redesign and finance projects through a sustainable, market-sensitive development approach.


Conselva is a not-for-profit organization in Mexico that works to achieve a balance between the conservation of the environmental services provided by drainage basins and the economic and social development of communities that live from the sierra to the coast.

Fundación Corcovado

Fundación Corcovado is a not-for-profit organization created by concerned neighbors of Corcovado National Park to lead the fight to stop illegal hunting and logging. It is a hands-on, down-to-earth local leader in conservation that works closely with the National Park Service to protect the wild heritage and future of protected areas. The foundation advances the cause of environmental education and champions the rights of the local communities, while encouraging responsible tourism as a tool to help protect the Osa Peninsula.

Destination Stewardship Center

Directed by tourism visionary Jonathan Tourtellot, the Destination Stewardship Center (DSC) has the mission to protect the world's distinctive places by supporting wisely management tourism and enlightened destination stewardship. The goal is to increase and disseminate knowledge that helps all interested in sustainable tourism to achieve that mission. The DSC is a fiscally sponsored program of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST).

INCAE Business School

INCAE is a private, not-for-profit, multinational, higher-education organization devoted to teaching and research endeavors in the fields of business and economics. The programs are aimed at training and instructing, from a worldwide perspective, individuals capable of successfully holding top management positions in Latin America. In 1964, the business community and the governments of the Central American nations founded INCAE as an initiative. Since its inception, it has had the technical supervision of the Harvard Business School. INCAE is presently focused on three key activities:

  • Master's programs in areas critical for Latin American development.
  • Executive training programs and seminars.
  • Research projects on competitiveness in the region.

INCAE has an applied approach, combining the best practice and the world frontier of knowledge with the realities in Latin America.


iSeeiTravel is a media company dedicated to promoting conscious travel. Using a "doc-marketing" strategy, iSeeiTravel produces documentaries based on real places, real people and real travel experiences. Through visual media and integrated digital marketing, iSeeiTravel inspires people to travel and experience the world in ways that are sustainable, responsible and meaningful.

Instituto Turismo Responsable y Sostenible Latinoamericano

ITSLA strives for sustainable and responsible tourism via regional ties and strategies, exchanges, and collaborative work. They combine the necessity to conserve biological diversity with maintaining the social and cultural heritage of Latin American communities. From these values, they have developed a task force with local organizations in order to promote the social and economic wellbeing of humans and animal species in harmony with the ecosystem.

Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler, a Public Benefit Corporation, is the first socially conscious, 'Give + Get' hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to be a force that benefits communities, the environment, and animals. Travelers 'give' a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the neighborhood they are traveling to, or to a favorite charity on the platform. As reward for their donation, travelers unlock an exclusive rate to book directly  with the world's best hotels and unique properties. 100% of donations go to charity. 

Maliasili Initiatives

Maliasili Initiatives Ltd. is a consulting firm based in northern Tanzania that works to develop innovative strategies for sustainable natural resource management that bridge interests in rural development, governance, and biodiversity conservation. They work with local communities and collaborate with non‐government organizations and public and private entities to develop new livelihood opportunities from enterprises related to tourism, forestry, livestock production and other resources. They work with both researchers and field practitioners to tackle challenges relating to natural resource rights and tenure by developing more effective strategies for governance reforms.

Monteverde Institute

The Monteverde Institute (MVI) is an international research and educational center committed to providing education for a sustainable future. A not-for-profit association founded in 1986, MVI is located high in the Tilaran Mountains of Costa Rica. Its 38-acre campus forms part of the famous Monteverde Reserve Complex, an area of natural preserves that protects more than 65,000 acres of endangered tropical forest. This location underlines the importance of MVI's commitment to sustainability. The institute's programs are based on the belief that in order to achieve sustainability—both locally and globally—a combination of environmental, social, cultural, economic and technological factors must be carefully considered. To that end, MVI fosters a synergistic approach that blends international study, applied research and community engagement. Its programs focus on ecotourism, conservation biology, community health, land use and sustainable development, anthropology, social development, and Spanish language and culture.

Na'atik Language and Culture Institute

Located off the beaten path in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Na'atik helps travelers learn a language and become a part of a community. By taking classes with local teachers, living with a homestay, and visiting local sites, our students of all ages, levels, and interests have an immersive learning experience in Spanish or Maya. They also give back to the community that is hosting them. Na'atik's Spanish and Maya program funds its nonprofit work offering English classes to the local community. This isn’t just for the intrinsic value of language learning but because of its economic value. With world famous beaches like Tulum just an hour away, many people in our community work in the tourist sector where English is a vital job skill. Outside of tourism, English is also increasingly a requirement for higher education and success in many professional careers. Na'atik's hope is that we can create a community of understanding and positive change through this mutually beneficial language learning. In fact the word na'atik comes from the Maya phrase to’on na’atik meaning "we’re understanding each other."

The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation's mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. They do this in three ways:

  • Advance innovative, customized philanthropic solutions for individual, corporate and government donors. They simplify giving so donors can focus on their chosen passion for the coasts and ocean.
  • Focus collective expertise to generate cutting-edge content on emerging threats, potential solutions, and better strategies for implementation.
  • Find, evaluate, and support the most effective marine conservation projects and organizations.

In 2003, TOF established a unique model of "resort partnerships" to assure that tourism development benefits the communities in which they are located, under the rubric of Love this Place and its People™. As part of this work, their team developed an award-winning set of Coastal Sustainable Development Standards. For the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards development process, TOF is a member of two working groups: Cruise Lines and Hotels & Lodging. The Ocean Foundation team can bring international, as well as domestic, experience that supports navigation of the many complex and cumulating issues related to sustainability, responsible tourism and travel. They strive to be neutral and ethical and work to protect long-established ideals related to coast and ocean resources that promote family recreation, fishing and tourism, while preserving cultural heritages, natural resources and biodiversity for future generations.


Papilia is a boutique cultural learning and development firm specializing in the design of diversity and inclusion, mindful leadership, and communication initiatives through tailored strategic guidance, trainings, workshops, and coaching sessions. They infuse innovative wellness and self-awareness principles into all their projects as a way to create meaningful behavior change and sustained impact for any cultural background. Papilia's sessions integrate applied learning principles to drive innovation, enhance corporate culture, and improve business results in a responsible manner.

People in Action

People in Action, a not-for-profit organization based in Grenada in the Caribbean, focuses on innovative research & development solutions for sustainable growth. Its goal is to foster the socio-economical development of communities through stakeholder participation, asset management and empowerment .Its mission is to facilitate processes that will enable the communities to accept responsibilities, explore possibilities and take action to improve their standard of living in a continuing and independent basis through transparency and accountability.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a leading international conservation organization. Their mission is to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that live within them by implementing better business practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Companies, cooperatives and landowners that participate in their programs meet rigorous standards for protecting the environment, wildlife, workers and local communities. The Rainforest Alliance boasts more than 17,000 supporters, with an annual budget of nearly $9 million (2002). The Rainforest Alliance runs the Adopt-a-Rainforest Program, Sustainable Agriculture Network, and the SmartWood and SmartVoyager programs.


SEEtheWILD is working to boost efforts to protect endangered wildlife by promoting alternatives to destructive activities, increasing critical funding for conservation, and inspiring new wildlife activists. They promote conservation projects that offer ways for travelers to directly support their efforts and partner with top responsible tourism operators to get people to these sites. They also work with conservation organizations to ensure that they avoid causing harm to wildlife. SEEtheWILD's trips offer travelers the opportunity to support and participate in inspiring and successful wildlife conservation programs around the world.

Sostenible Por Naturaleza

Sostenible Por Naturaleza (Sustainable by Nature) is a specialized, highly experienced, bilingual (English/Spanish) consultancy firm, conducting research, assessments, field projects, and public presentations in sustainable tourism and ecotourism, with a strong emphasis on biodiversity, local communities, and sustainable development issues. While Sustainable by Nature is based in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, the organization has the flexibility to work in other locations around the world. Sustainable by Nature frequently works for private companies, development agencies, non governmental organizations, local community organizations and municipality governments.

The Tourism Company

The Tourism Company is a Planning and Management Consulting firm specializing in the tourism industry. Established in 1994, the company is recognized as one of Canada's leading Tourism Planning and Management Consulting firms. The firm has been involved in assignments in all Canadian provinces and territories and in a broad range of international destinations including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, New Zealand, Morocco, Panama, and Jamaica. We attribute our success to two factors. Firstly, we focus on the industry we know best - Tourism. Secondly, the individual areas of expertise of each of our partners combine to create a company greater than the sum of its parts. While each of us shares a passion for the tourism industry we each bring individual talents, insights and experience to the task.

Travel Unity

Travel Unity works with partners to increase diversity in the world of travel. Travel Unity’s focus extends from the highly specific (helping individuals realize that travel can be a part of their lives and a potential career path) to effecting broad-based change (working with institutions to increase diversity across the travel industry and assisting destinations to improve the economic livelihood of their residents).

Travelers Against Plastic (TAP)

Founded by the executive directors of two U.S.-based sustainable travel organizations, Crooked Trails and Wildland Adventures, the TAP team is a group of committed travelers/volunteers who believe that we can make a positive impact every time we travel. The impacts of plastic pollution go way beyond the mess we see on our travels; it is choking and destroying the ecosystems we hold so dear. The time for change is NOW - join the movement.

United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is an international organization headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Charged by the United Nations with focusing on the environment and creating programs to protect it in the future, the United Nations funds studies and programs across the world on a variety of subjects.

World Footprints

World Footprints (formerly Travel'n On) is an award-winning broadcast company that celebrates responsible travel, culture and heritage through its educational, entertaining and eclectic weekly travel radio shows and multi-media programs. Travelers learn about voluntourism, geotourism, travelers' philanthropy, cultural heritage preservation and eco-balance protection of the planet. World Footprints offers fascinating interviews with celebrities, authors and newsmakers about their transformative travel experiences. World Footprints explores unique destinations and travel niches and provides the latest information about legislation impacting travel.