Island Outpost: Keeping Jamaica, Jamaica

The hospitality industry enjoys overusing the latest trendy adjectives, such as ‘experiential’, ‘transformative’, and ‘mindful’. But these days the word at the top of that trendy list seems to be ‘authentic’. What does it truly mean to be ‘authentic’?

There are few properties in the world that find that beautiful balance between a luxury vacation and an authentic experience. GoldenEye is one of them.

GoldenEye, a place made famous when Ian Fleming penned all 14 James Bond novels on property, is a part of Island Outpost- a collection of distinctive hotels and villas in Jamaica known for their interesting character and expression that reflects the magic of music, each with its own rhythm, its own beat.

With boutique hotels also located in Negril (The Caves) and the Blue Mountains (Strawberry Hill), each property strives to create the real Jamaican experience for its guests, showing them the raw side of Jamaica - the bight colors, the big smiles, the local culture, the natural sounds, and the freshest organic food...far away from the manicured tourist traps.

Simply put, it’s pure Jamaican hospitality.

By locally sourcing food to support small farmers, preserving Jamaica’s marine ecosystems by fighting overfishing and coral reef destruction, minimizing waste on properties through various sustainability programs, supporting local communities and foundations (such as the Oracabessa Foundation) through job creation and youth education, Island Outpost makes it their mission to give back. Their efforts to help Jamaica’s environmental crisis were recently featured in the Bloomberg article, How James Bond’s Legacy Is Saving Jamaica.

Guests feel connected knowing their stay is supporting such great causes, and they are immersed in the genuine Jamaica, not separated from it by a tall concrete resort wall.

‘Authentic’ is representation of a person or place’s true nature, its sincere reality. Unfortunately, it’s a word that’s been overused in the travel industry, which does a disservice to brands like Island Outpost.

As the industry continues to fight overtourism and its push towards responsible travel, and as travelers continue their never-ending search for the ultimate authentic experience, some brands aren’t afraid to show its guests the real side of the place they call home. Island Outpost is one of them.

One love!