Programs & Research Intern

Jacqueline is the Program and Research Intern at CREST. From a young age, she was always excited to learn about countries and cultures from around the world. Now, Jacqueline has a burning desire to explore those countries she learned about as a kid. She has been fortunate enough to travel to 24 countries, and it has opened her eyes to the problems (and opportunities) in the tourism industry.

Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. Coming from an environmental background and having the desire to travel, Jacqueline is fervent about merging her experience and passion together to aid tourism organizations in becoming positive stewards for both natural ecosystems and the local community. With a burning desire to learn more about this nexus, she returned to the University of Waterloo to research sustainable tourism at the graduate level.

Through pursuing a Master of Environmental Studies in Geography (with a sustainable tourism research focus), Jacqueline has developed a deep understanding of responsible tourism as well as is a skilled researcher. She has written about tourism destination leadership for the Destination Stewardship Center; researched travel opportunities for tourists in Canada through a regenerative tourism lens; worked on tackling the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on her home campus; and researched the economic impacts of cruise tourism versus layover tourism for two different case studies. As sustainable destination stewardship is Jacqueline’s passion, she is enthused to continue learning and working in this field while interning at CREST.