Program & Research Intern

Kayla is a Program and Research intern at CREST. She holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies & Urban Planning and plans to pursue a Master of Tourism Administration degree with a focus on Sustainable Destination Management. She has worked in community-based tourism development throughout the state of Oregon on behalf of the state DMO. During her time at Travel Oregon, she worked directly with communities to help implement complex destination development strategies, initiatives, and networks as part of a nationally recognized stakeholder engagement program, the Oregon Tourism Studio.

Kayla is deeply passionate about work that drives positive environmental and cultural impact through the power of travel. She is particularly interested in overtourism, transportation solutions, and preserving livability and sense of place through responsible destination stewardship. Through this opportunity, she is eager to expand her skills and knowledge in the area of sustainable travel research and analysis. She hopes to deepen her understanding of the strategies and responsibilities incumbent on effective tourism organizations to serve as responsible stewards of our global community. Her professional goal is to serve as a catalytic change-maker in the travel industry to shift the impact that travel has on our environment.