Director and Lead Consultant, Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA)

Judy is a thought leader in sustainable tourism with over 20 years of experience championing responsible tourism in Africa and beyond. From setting up Africa’s first ecotourism society to working with communities in tourism and conservation, developing, managing, and being an assessor for several sustainable tourism certifications and awards, Judy’s contribution to sustainable tourism transcends continents. 

In her capacity in boards of global and regional organizations like The International Ecotourism Society, Global Sustainable Tourism  Council, and Fair Trade Tourism, she made great contributions in shaping the practice of sustainable tourism. Amongst other global recognition as a leader in sustainable tourism, including assignments as an onsite assessor for World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, an onsite assessor for National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World and World legacy Awards, judge for Tourism Resilience Council IIPT Awards, judge to Responsible Tourism Awards Tanzania, Co-chair of Africa Tourism Leadership Awards since 2011 and founder of EcoWarrior Awards Kenya. 

In 2018, Women Academics in Tourism (WAIT) recognized Judy among the top 50 awesome scholars in tourism. . She believes sustainable travel and tourism are quality management systems that secure businesses and destinations. In 2019, she was awarded the Sustainable Citizen Award by Forbes Woman Africa in recognition of her outstanding contribution to awareness and knowledge of sustainability in tourism in Africa and beyond. 

Judy is currently Director and Lead Consultant at Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA), an organization she founded in 2013 to contribute and lead the modeling of a sustainable future for Africa’s tourism, mentor youth in sustainable tourism to ensure tomorrows leaders are grounded in critical thinking and sustainable tourism clause and finally influence sustainable tourism practice globally.  

She believes that a great tourism destination is one that turns attractions into assets to support wealth creation for host communities, who in turn create experiences and welcome guests to share in their abundance. This is what will make great places to visit, great places for host commutes to live in.