Forward-thinking and innovative conferences have become a trademark of CREST programming. Our conferences and events are solutions-oriented and participatory where possible. They highlight illustrative case studies, best practices, and destinations that have overcome challenges and want to share their knowledge. 

Through our events, we strive to provide a platform for speakers of diverse backgrounds so that all voices are involved in the discussion around solutions. You can find information from past events on our Resources page. 


In the era of remote work, it is more important than ever that we continue to connect virtually. We host webinars on key topics of interest throughout the year and strive to make them interactive and free, or low-cost. Although we would rather see our audience in person, we are proud to be able to reach a larger and more diverse audience of tourism practitioners and sustainability professionals online.

World Tourism Day Forums

When possible, we host the only in-person World Tourism Day event in Washington, DC at the end of September each year. These events focus on pressing issues such as climate change, overtourism, and impact tourism. They are heavily solutions-oriented, inviting practitioners to discuss the successes and obstacles they have faced in implementing tourism solutions.

Destination Symposia

Our symposia are invitation-only think tanks, where experts and academics present the latest evidence and brainstorm solutions to different threats in a destination. We have held symposia in Cuba, Grenada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and the US on the topics of climate change, small-scale tourism, local development, impact tourism, etc.