Travindy Spain

Daza Garcia is a Program & Research Intern at CREST. She graduated with First-class honours from the University of Murcia (Spain) with a Degree in Tourism and with Distinction from the University of Brighton (England) with a MSc in Tourism and International Development. She also holds a PGCert in Planning and Management of Destinations awarded by the Open University of Catalonia (Spain).

Daza was born in Venezuela but she has been living in Spain for more than a decade. She has working experience in travel agencies, hotels, fundraising and tourist information points. Recently, she has collaborated as a consultant and researcher with sustainable tourism projects in England, The Gambia and Costa Rica. Likewise, she currently collaborates with Travindy Spain which is an independent responsible tourism media that collects stories of sustainable tourism around the world.

During these years, Daza has had the opportunity to travel to different countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. From her working experience and her travels, she has learned more about the local impacts of the tourism industry and that is why she decided to focus her path to foster a more sustainable approach to tourism development which considers not only the economic benefits but also local’s well-being and nature’s conservation.