Program & Research Intern

Belén Alegría is from Cuenca, a small city near Madrid, Spain. Belén received a double degree in Tourism and Business Administration at Rey Juan Carlos University, located in Madrid, Spain. After more than two years working for the online travel agency Expedia and founding on an online business for responsible trips to Sri Lanka, Belén decided to pursue a masters degree in Sustainable Tourism Destination and Regional Tourism Planning, with a specialization in Natural Resources, from Ostelea Tourism Management School, in Barcelona, Spain. During this time, Belén felt that she has finally found her true passion, and she kept studying and learning in this field, including taking some courses on regenerative tourism.

In Belén’s current job, in which she manages a small hotel in Fuerteventura, Spain, she tries to implement all the learned values about sustainable tourism. She is passionate about contributing to improving the way we travel, in order to cause less damage to our planet and to help local communities to improve their livelihoods.