Communications Intern

Alicia is a Communications intern at CREST. She is currently completing an MBA in Sustainability Management at the Sustainability Management School in Switzerland. Alicia finished her undergraduate studies in 2017 with a Law Bachelor degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. During her time living in Brazil, she had the opportunity to work for one of the best Environmental Law firms in Brazil, gaining first-hand experience in the environmental and sustainability fields.

Her passion for travel and exploration of different cultures and lifestyles was the driving force that helped her further her studies abroad. She lived for 6 months in Paris while studying sustainable development and international law at Sciences-Po Paris, as well as one year in Australia, while studying Event Management and Photography at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Following her graduation in 2017, Alicia decided it was time for a career change and became a full-time traveler with no fixed base, spending her time doing adventure sports and exploring the outdoors while studying and working remotely. Her travels, combined with over 5 years of experience, working seasonally, in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, took her all around the world and allowed her to have a different understanding of how impactful tourism can be to destinations and local communities when done the right way. Her time spent traveling overland from Cape Town to Kenya combined with 8 months living in Kenya, allowed her to understand the importance of supporting local businesses and focusing on the local community’s development and environment preservation.

With her main interest area being sustainable and destination tourism, she is excited to be a part of the CREST team and have a chance to apply her passion for responsible travel in practice.