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"I Love Responsible Travel Because" Campaign

January 15 - February 8, 2014

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Here at CREST, we love responsible travel because when we go on vacation, our values don’t have to stay at home. Taking a responsible vacation means we're giving back to the places we visit and the people we meet, and helping to preserve what’s truly special about the destination in the first place.

Responsible tourism includes many types of travel, all of which aim to minimize tourism's negative impacts on the environment, and maximize the positive contributions tourism can make to local communities.

We asked our Facebook followers what they love most about responsible travel, why they choose to travel responsibly, and what life changing travel experiences they've had.

Here are the insightful entries our winners shared with us:

First Place: Theresa Conn


Second Place: Kris Wilson

My key words for Responsible Traveling:

R-espect other cultures
E-co friendly
S-ay Hello
P-reserve nature
N-ature conscious
S-hop local businesses
I-mpact positively
B-e courteous
L-earn another language
E-ducate yourself

T-ake tours
A-dvertise travel destinations
V-enture out
E-nvironmental awareness
L-ocal pride

Third Place: Milan Gamble

I love responsible travel for the cultural exchange. My Namibian students had intriguing mental pictures of Americans, built on the steady raft of fleeting media that floats across the ocean. All my young students knew about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s issues, and assumed I knew Beyonce personally. Michael Jackson’s memorial service pre-empted their evening news. After time they learned who I was as a person, as a teacher, and they learned that this foreigner is more than the sum of tabloid and CNN headlines. And I learned that many of my students had nicer cell phones than me. That their parents' had immense pride in their children, the first generation born free into their new nation. That someone arm-deep in a freshly slaughtered cow may have a 9-5 job in a classy department store in the city. That the students' appetite for the one complete set of Harry Potter books in the school library necessitates careful diplomatic negotiations by the librarian. I love this kind of travel, the kind that helps you forget about the glossy pictures and remember the warm ties that bind us.

Winners were selected by a prestigious panel of judges including:

  • Elizabeth Becker, author of Overbooked
  • Dorinda Elliott, consultant and previous Global Affairs Editor of Conde Naste Traveler
  • Gail Henry, Sustainable Tourism Product Specialist, Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • Jonathan Tourtellot, Geotourism Editor of National Geographic Traveler
  • Antonis Petropoulos , Editor, ECOCLUB.com - International Ecotourism Club
The first place winner winner received two (2) nights at the LEED certified Orchard Hotel in San Francisco. The intimate, boutique hotel is proof that chic style and eco-friendly living can go hand in hand. Find out more about the Orchard Hotel and their green initiatives on their webpage

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This contest was in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Each entrant released Facebook, CREST, and the Orchard Hotel of all liability associated with their entry.